When your mind turns to relaxation there a few things better than a therapeutic massage. They come in all different styles from all-encompassing to targeted and specific, but what they all have in common is pressure. So, choose the pressure you like and let the hands of our massage therapists work their magic. Oh, a massage can also help you relieve anxiety, help you sleep better, and alleviate the overly tired feeling we all seem to have.

NOTE: Any 50-minute massage treatment with a P after its name and all 80-minute massages are not recommended for pregnant women.

Purchase a series of 3 or 6 of the same Massage service and save 10%.

The combination of specialized techniques and a therapeutic muscle gel alleviate deep-seated muscle tension.

Choose your aromatherapy to begin the full body, firm pressure massage with an emphasis on the back, neck and shoulders.

A light exfoliation refreshes and awakens the skin and is followed by a gentle massage using luxurious shea butter.

Concentration on the head, neck, shoulders, lower leg and feet with both touch and warm stones ease the strain of both thought and movement. Note: You are on your back for the entire treatment.

*Choose an aromatherapy scent to enhance your experience for an additional $15. P

Especially now, your body needs nurturing relaxing special attention. Your areas of concern are the focus of this gentle and relaxing massage treatment for the mother to be.

The lightest of touch to calm and relax both the body and the mind.

*Choose an aromatherapy scent to enhance your experience for an additional $15. P

Target two areas that need the most attention and experience relief.

*Choose an aromatherapy scent to enhance your experience for an additional $15. P

The face, neck and scalp massage that relieves stress and clears the mind

Lower legs and feet get all the love to relieve the tension and discomfort in the feet.

Target your areas of concern and customize any massage with service Enhancements. Booked upon spa check-in. Multiple enhancements may be added to a service. No additional time is required. Whether you're look for anti-aging, detox, toning or hot stones, our experienced staff will guide you to the best options to meet your needs.

A treatment room designed for you and your best mate to have treatments separately, but at the same time. You choose the treatments and…well…the best mate too.