Reflexology Massage

Despite being at times referred to as a reflexology massage, it is not the same as a normal foot rub. Reflexology is a treatment based on the idea that there are places and points on the feet, hands, and ears that are linked to comparable parts via the nerve system. Pressure applied to certain places and points increases the transfer of energy along the nerve channels, assisting in the restoration of homeostatic balance.

Reflexology therapy serves to alleviate stress, increase circulation, and promote the natural function of the associated region by applying pressure to areas of the hands or feet. In terms of health advantages, reflexology can help with everything from headaches to sinus problems to stomach problems and even some illness. When a region is stimulated, sensitivity or discomfort typically signals physical deficiencies or imbalances within the associated organ. It can assist to unblock any clogged energy channels with repetitive pressure and manipulation of nerve terminals.

During your session, your reflexologist will use their expertise to determine which surface points are most relevant to your needs and then apply pressure using their thumbs, fingers, or palms. Kneading the soft fleshy ball of the foot, pulling on the toes, tracing around the heel, and pushing deep into the arch are just a few of the movements you’ll experience during a treatment. During the session, you’re clothed and seated or lying down. The therapist may concentrate on specific areas to alleviate ailments and provide health benefits.

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing therapy, which applies specialized techniques on reflex points to revitalize the entire body as a whole. This stress relieving therapy promotes the alpha state of relaxation which in turn improves circulation.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. We require a 24-hour cancellation to avoid full charge. Please note that a 21% service charge is applied upon checkout that does include gratuity.