Professional waxing services are quick, efficient, and have many benefits. The process of waxing removes hair at the root rather than at the skin’s surface. This means that you will experience significantly less regrowth between appointments. A single waxing service can keep your skin smooth for three to four weeks.

The removal of hair at the root will also help hair grow back remarkably finer and sparser over time. So, if you incorporate waxing into your normal routine, over time the process of waxing gets easier and less painful! Waxing also serves as a gentle exfoliant because it removes the top layer of dead, dry skin. Exfoliation creates healthier skin, so regular waxing means that your skin is less itchy and less likely to become inflamed over time.

The end result…silky smooth skin. 

Smooth, silky skin is ideal for many people, but the time and resources required to achieve it can sometimes be overwhelming. Shaving can be a major hassle and poses the risk of nicks and cuts to your skin. Laser hair removal is effective but isn’t always accessible because of factors such as pain tolerance, skin sensitivity, and costs.

Waxing is a great hair removal service to achieve the smooth, silky skin of your dreams conveniently and affordably! Our hair removal services extend to eyebrow waxing, chin waxing, and back waxing. We also have combination services, such as full chest and stomach and half or full arms and legs. If you are looking for waxing in Providence, The Norwich Spa offers waxing services to meet all of your needs.

The Norwich Spa provides high-quality waxings in Providence. Before scheduling an appointment with us, there are a few things you should be aware of. If you have a sunburn, have naturally sensitive skin, or are taking any medications that cause sensitivity, you should avoid or postpone your waxing service. If you aren’t sure whether you should complete a waxing treatment, check with one of our staff. We will be happy to answer questions and work with you to provide the best waxing services in Providence!

Whatever your waxing goals are, The Norwich Spa can help you achieve the result of silky-smooth skin.