Looking for a Rhode Island spa? Some may call it relaxation, others feel they are rejuvenated…All we’ll tell you is that once you visit our Rhode Island spa, you’ll get lost.

Duet Massage in Providence

Massage Treatments

When your mind turns to relaxation there a few things better than a therapeutic massage. Massage treatments come in all different styles from all-encompassing to targeted and specific…

Facial Treatments

Feel rejuvenated the second our esthetician’s fingers flow over your face. We’re sure you follow a daily routine for proper skin care, but every couple of months it’s a good idea to let a professional masseuse touch take you to a whole different place…

Facials in Providence, Rhode Island
Eyebrow Waxing in Providence, Rhode Island

Hair Waxing Services

Professional hair waxing helps hair grow back remarkably finer, exfoliation creates healthier skin, skin is less itchy and less likely to inflame. The end result…silky smooth skin.

Body Wrap Treatments

Known also as Body Masks these spa treatments are as old as time, but increasingly popular in today’s world. Body wrap treatments coat the body with hydrating substances that create instant deep moisturization and detoxification…

Body Wrap in Providence
Infrared Sauna in Providence

Infrared Sauna

It has long been proven that taking regular saunas has a great impact on health, improving our circulatory and respiratory systems, immunity, stabilizes the autonomic nervous system which controls breathing, digestion and circulation…

Holistic Spa Treatments

Holistic Therapy focuses on the health of the entire body and mind and not just individual parts of the body. Integrating both traditional and non-traditional treatments…

Holistic Spa Treatments in Providence, Rhode Island

Seasonal Spa Treatments

Special Seasonal Offerings of our most popular spa treatments. Tune in at the start of every season for the best in health & wellness, treatments created with the smells of spring, the vibrancy of summer, the crispness of fall and the flavors of winter…